News: GENERTEC MEHECO’s Visit at Nurotron

GENERTEC MEHECO’s Visit at Nurotron

On March 13, GENERTEC MEHECO (China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. is an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government of China.) came to NUROTRON and visited NUROTRON’s exhibition hall, workshop and laboratory, gained a deeper understanding of NUROTRON’s production process and products and gave positive comments.



After the visit, NUROTRON held a roundtable meeting with GENERTEC MEHECO, communicating about the current situation and future development trends of the global market, and effectively discussing how to bring benefits to the hearing-impaired people.



“Help the hearing impaired hear, Help the visually impaired see, Help the paralytic walk.” This has always been NUROTRON’s mission. NUROTRON will always shoulder its social responsibilities and do its best to bring hope to more hearing-impaired people. Welcome to visit us!


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