News: International Otology Experts Visited Nurotron for Investigation to Explore the Development of Cochlea in China.

International Otology Experts Visited Nurotron for Investigation to Explore the Development of Cochlea in China.

On October 19, 2023, many otology experts from all over the world: Prof. Dan Jiang (UK), Prof. Luiz Fernando Manzoni Lourençone, Prof. Felipe Felix (Brazil), Prof. Levent Olgun, Prof. Ozgur Yigit and His wife Dr. Fatma Yigit and Prof. Serkan Orhan (Turkey) were invited to visit Nurotron for investigation and “find out” the current development status of cochlea in China.



Led by Li Chu, CEO of Nurotron, and Dr. Huang Sui, Vice President of Nurotron Neurostimulation Key Enterprise Research Institute, the experts first came to the exhibition hall on the first floor to discuss the technical principles of cochlear implants, Nurotron’s four major product lines, patents and Learn about honor status, etc.



In the production workshop on the second floor, experts observed the manufacturing process of cochlear implants, learned about China’s cochlear manufacturing process and a number of indicators based on industry standards, and affirmed the advantages of China’s cochlea.



In the Cochlear Implant Reliability Laboratory, Dr. Zhou Daomin, Chief Technology Officer of Nurotron, explained the experimental logic and demonstrated bending, impact, aging and other tests, explaining the efforts made by Nurotron to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the implant in the human body. many efforts.



The Temporal Bone Laboratory is a training base for surgeons in cochlear implant surgery. Currently, hundreds of otologists have received professional training in temporal bone surgery here. Under the leadership of Prof. Yin Li, Chief Medical and Audiology Officer of Nurotron and Director of the Institute of Hearing and Speech Medicine at Nurotron, a number of experts conducted experiments to simulate the insertion of electrodes into transparent cochlea and real temporal bones. Professor Yin Li introduced the artificial Visitors gave good feedback on the cochlear surgery process and the advantages of the multi-sized slim electrodes of Nurotron cochlear implants after the trial.



After the visit, experts and the Nurotron team opened a roundtable forum in the conference room on the fourth floor. The two parties had in-depth exchanges, and foreign experts said that because of this rare opportunity, they learned about the advancement and competitiveness of China’s cochlear implants, and hoped that this cost-effective cochlear implant product could benefit more countries and people.



Brazilian experts said that there is always a process of promotion of Chinese products abroad. Just like ten years ago, Chinese cars in Brazil were not well-known and had no advantage in sales. With the development of time, technological progress and increased popularity, they have now become a household name. I also bought a Chinese car.



Experts also made suggestions on the future development direction of Nurotron based on the needs of the diagnosis and treatment process. They mentioned that cochlear implant products should not only take into account the use effect of the implanter, the convenience and accuracy of the doctor’s surgery, but also pay more attention to the audiologist’s debugging experience, and pay attention to whether the debugging software’s operability design is user-friendly. A cochlear implant product that makes it easier for audiologists to adjust and operate will definitely have a beneficial impact on the choice of doctors and patients.




As the representative brand of cochlear products in China, Nurotron has so far helped more than 20,000 people around the world return to the world of sound, with footprints in more than 20 regions including Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, and has provided services to tens of thousands of hearing-impaired people. The patient brought more cost-effective Chinese cochlear products. Adhering to the original intention and belief of science and technology for good, Norcon will continue to follow the path of independent research and development and technological innovation, and continue to play the “Voice of China” on the international stage with Chinese cochlea!



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