News: Internationally Renowned Otology Experts Visited Nurotron, Discussed New Directions for Cochlear Implants

Internationally Renowned Otology Experts Visited Nurotron, Discussed New Directions for Cochlear Implants

From April 25th to April 26th, Prof. Thomas Lenarz and Prof. Andreas Büchner were invited to visit Nurotron.

Prof. Thomas Lenarz is an esteemed otolaryngologist with a remarkable 42 years of experience with significant achievements, including serving as the Head of Otology, Audiology, and Neurotology at the University of Heidelberg. Is an ENT Professor at the MHH(Medizinische Hochschule Hannover) in Hannover – Germany. He is also the founder of the Hannover Hearing Centre.

He has published impressive 898 scientific publications, his research focuses on hearing disorders and hearing implants, especially cochlear implants. Brainstem Implants and Midbrain Implants, including the benefits of different cochlear implant electrode surfaces.

Prof. Thomas Lenarz has built the world’s largest cochlear implant program and uses computer-and robot-assisted surgery.

Prof. Andreas Büchner is a well-known senior hearing expert in the industry and has long been committed to in-depth research and clinical practice in the field of hearing rehabilitation.

Nurotron CEO Mr. Chu Li, Vice President of Nurotron R&D Center Dr. Sui Huang Sui, Nurotron CTO Dr. Daomin Zhou and Nurotron CMO Prof. Li Yin warmly welcomed two professors and led them to visit Nurotron.

After an in-depth introduction by Dr. Sui Huang Sui, two professors learned that Nurotron, as the first cochlear implant company in China with completely independent intellectual property rights, has successfully helped more than 20,000 hearing-impaired people regain their hearing, accounting for 50% of children with implants in more than 20 countries around the world. 

After learning in detail about and observing several generations of Nurotron’s cochlear implant systems, in order to further explain the reliability of cochlear implant products, Dr. Daomin Zhou introduced a number of cochlear implant reliability verification tests in the reliability laboratory. He focused on the accelerated aging test and mechanical impact test. Through principle interpretation and practical operation, he proved that the Nurotron cochlear implant has reached the international leading level in terms of water vapor leakage indicators and impact resistance.

In the Nurotron Temporal Bone Laboratory, Prof. Li Yin gave a detailed introduction to the environment, equipment, teachers, courses and students of the laboratory, etc. Knowing that Nurotron has carried out temporal bone training courses many times to help Chinese otologists to improve cochlear implant surgery skills, Prof. Thomas Lenarz  looks forward to the opportunity to exchange ear surgery experience and the latest technology with Chinese surgeons.

Finally, in order to personally experience the advantages of Nurotron’s electrodes in surgery, Prof. Thomas Lenarz conducted a trial insertion of the electrodes. 

After a comprehensive understanding of the Nurotron Industrial Base, everyone gathered in the conference room. Nurotron CEO Mr. Chu Li, Prof. Thomas Lenarz, Dr. Sui Huang, Dr. Daomin Zhou, Prof. Li Yin and Prof. Andreas Büchner came to the stage one after another to give the lecture about Nurotron products and innovative technology, the reliability of Nurotron Cochlear Implants and Nurotron clinical application review and MHH(Medizinische Hochschule Hannover).

This visit of international experts not only opened up a broader channel for communication and exchange between Nurotron and internationally renowned otolaryngology experts, but also provided a rare opportunity and platform for cooperation between the two parties. Nurotron will continue to uphold an open, inclusive and cooperative attitude, actively carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges with experts in the global otology field, and jointly explore more possibilities and potentials of cochlear implant technology.


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