News: Nurotron at CHOLE 2023

Nurotron at CHOLE 2023

On October 20, 2023, The 11th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery (CHOLE 2023) was held in Shanghai.



The conference lasted for four days. As a representative of Chinese cochlear implant companies, Nurotron was invited to attend the conference and delivered special lectures on multiple topics and held satellite symposiums. There was an endless stream of experts visiting the booth. Each expert had an in-depth understanding of the safety and reliability of Nurotron’s products, and conducted electrode test insertion on site, expressing their affirmation of Nurotron’s products.



On the afternoon of October 22, Dr. Zhou Daomin, CTO of Nurotron, delivered a speech on the topic of “Challenges and Effects of Cochlear Implant Surgery”.



At noon on October 23, Dr. Nurotron Huang Sui introduced Nurotron’s companies and products in the keynote speech “Introduction to Nurotron Cochlear Implant Technology”, and gave a speech on Nurotron’s cochlear tone language technology and fundamental frequency enhancement technology, and 24 intracochlear channels. The product advantages are explained.



Professor Yinli of Nurotron delivered a keynote speech on “The Effect of Nurotron Cochlear Implantation”, summarizing the follow-up data of Nurotron implant recipients in the past ten years. It fully demonstrates the corporate image of Nurotron focusing on the cochlear implant business and being responsible for patients.



At the dinner that day, Chi Rongxing, a Nurotron recipient from Xinjiang (who received a Nurotron cochlear implant on the right side in 2014), performed Chinese intangible cultural heritage Sichuan Opera Face Changing for foreign experts, the unique art makes experts praise it again and again.



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