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Implantable sacral Nerve Stimulation System (SacralStim)

It will play a “neuroregulatory” role, affecting and regulating the behavior of effector organs such as the bladder sphincter, frequency of urination, urine leakage, etc.

Product Details

SacralStim uses short pulse stimulation current to activate and inhibit the sacral nerve (S3) pathway, inhibiting the sensory transmission of interneurons to the pontine micturition center. This mechanism inhibits involuntary urination, thereby achieving the effect of treating overactive bladder.

  • Domestic first;
  • 6-electrode design;
  • Make stimulation targets more precise and provide more stimulation combinations;
  • The first medical device in China to use MICS frequency band and ISM frequency band, making communication safer and more reliable;
  • Independently developed software, the design is more user-friendly and supports unique experiential treatment stages;
  • long distance communication technology, the first implantable medical device in China that uses radio frequency distance signal transmission. The communication distance is greater than 30cm, making the surgical process safer and program control more convenient;
  • 7 years life;
  • Independently developed ultra-low power consumption dedicated stimulation chip, the system power consumption is nanoampere level, the implant has a service life of more than 7 years with the original battery (the service life is related to the program-controlled parameters).

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