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E-voice noise reduction technology, more clear speech in noisy environment; C-Tone technology, better music appreciation; Bluetooth connection, experience audio streaming conveniently; Remote control, flexibly manage and control the speech processor.

Product Details


  • Modular, detachable cable;
  • Industry-First C-Tone;
  • E-voice noise reduction technology;
  • 4-inch, touchscreen remote, with app-style user interface, supports bilateral implants;
  • Power-saving coil and algorithm;
  • Body-worn battery, battery life 50+ hours;
  • Built-in Telecoil;
  • Bluetooth compatible on;
  • Neural Response Measurement (NRM);
  • Equipped with a remote control.



  • More economical;
  • Improve Speech and Tone Perception™ Strategy;
  • Omnidirectional microphone noise reduction technology;
  • More user-friendly battery life;
  • The built-in teli-coil can be used at the site where the induction loop is laid to receive signals;
  • Easy to manage and control your Enduro speech processor.



  • Portable, invisible;
  • More intelligent for patients;
  • Compatible for different hearing environments;
  • Effectively eliminate the effects of noise and reverberation, listening more clearly.




Effective and intelligent processing makes the sound closer to nature.

Adopt CIS and APS coding strategies. Each recipient's program has different parameter settings, and the coding strategy is personalized for each recipient.

Using E-voice noise reduction technology, recipients can hear speech more clearly in noisy environments.

The use of C-Tone technology helps improve recipients’ perception of tones and improves music appreciation.

Equipped with a remote control to easily monitor, manage and control your Enduro speech processor.

Reliable speech processor is tougher on dust, dirt and sweat, protecting the microphone so that it is always in the best working condition.

The warning light design at the ear hook allows you to know whether the cochlear implant is in normal working condition at any time.

Two wearing methods, multiple power supply options, flexible use.

Stylish appearance, light and compact.


Technical Specifications


Signal processing unit Max. external dimension39.0 mm x 25.5 mm x 9.5 mm
Signal processing unit Weight≤ 5g
MicrophonesOmnidirectional, dual
Dust & Water ResistanceIP 54
Warranty3 Years
Frequency Range150 Hz-7.8kHz
Sound Intensity35dBSPL - 80dBSPL
StrategiesAPS, CIS


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