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Abeam dual-microphone noise reduction technology, better hear the face-to-face conversation.

AI intelligent scene recognition, Help hear your best no matter where you are. Individualized application, monitor, manage and control your Voyager speech processor using the NuroLink App.

Product Details


  • Nurolink APP, Direct Bluetooth Connection;
  • Speech Processing Feature Enhancement, Intelligent Scene Recognition;
  • Intelligence Positioning;
  • Newest DSP Chip;
  • Noise-Reduction Technique;
  • C-TONE Technology;
  • Colorful, Comfortable;
  • Abeam (Dual Microphones);
  • eVoice (Single Microphone).



  • Compatible with IOS, Android, Harmony system;
  • Directly connection with the signal processing unit via Bluetooth;
  • Locating function, easy positioning the lost speech processor;
  • lntelligent Scene Recognition, automatically switching to different noise reduction methods according to different scenes;
  • Upgrade the DSP chip from 16Bit to 24Bit;
  • Independent ARM operation, stronger Speech-processing function.



  • Portable, Multifunction;
  • More intelligent for patients;
  • Suitable for different hearing environments;
  • Enhance tone perception and music appreciation;
  • More powerfully reduces unwanted background noise, hear the face-to-face conversation better;
  • Experience audio streaming from mobile phone.




Effective and intelligent processing makes the sound closer to nature.

Adopt CIS and APS coding strategies. Each recipient's program has different parameter settings, and the coding strategy is personalized for each recipient.

Using Abeam dual-microphone noise reduction technology. With Abeam, your speech processor more powerfully reduces unwanted background noise, so you can better hear the face-to-face conversation.

The use of C-Tone technology helps improve recipients’ perception of tones and improves music appreciation.

Hear your best no matter where you are, or where the day takes you. Featuring our smartest hearing technology yet, AI intelligent scene recognition technology, the Voyager speech processor automatically adjusts to your environment. It's designed to help you hear conversations more clearly and easily, particularly in noisy situations so you can experience your best hearing.

With the Voyager speech processor, you can experience streaming audio from compatible Apple, Android, and HarmonyOS devices directly to your speech processor via Bluetooth direct connection.

With our individualized application, you are able to monitor, manage and control your Voyager speech processor using the NuroLink App from a compatible Apple, Android or HarmonyOS device.

Reliable speech processor is tougher on dust, dirt and sweat, protecting the microphone so that it is always in the best working condition.

The warning light design at the ear hook allows you to know whether the cochlear implant is in normal working condition at any time.

Two wearing methods, multiple power supply options, flexible use.

Stylish appearance, light and compact.

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